Audible version!

Dear network – I am very excited to share the Audible version of ‘Billion Digital Buyers’.
You can purchase the listen here:  
We discuss 15 unique stories to inspire the listeners with interesting thoughts on how to strengthen retail acumen and business thinking muscle.  
I’ve always found audibles and podcasts to be a great source of brainfood when we’re busy with work, travel, family and don’t get much time to read. 
Now, we all agree that internet has fundamentally shifted the way we shop, function and think. And this is my attempt to make us realize of the profound change that came into the lives of modern day consumerism and how the global commerce will evolve and adapt in this Digital era. While doing that, it’s also important to take a step back, reflect for a moment to understand how it all began?
As the world gets more digital, it’s critical to study the fundamental shifts in cognitive thinking, global commerce and human mental models to truly appreciate the trends from the barter system to retail stores to current day digital commerce, one-click ordering etc.
Just like someone said, if you don’t know history, how can you create it 🙂
Hope you enjoy and please let me know your thoughts!
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Akshay K. Vemuganti