Optimistic Future of AI + HI

Softbank, one of the worlds most significant Robotics company has a corporate philosophy: “Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone”

Their vision is detailed in the below narrative.

We relentlessly pursue the creation of everyday robots that assist people, 
making their lives easier, safer, and more connected.

As a leader in robotics, we are driven by a unique “people-first” 
approach to designing and developing robots that empower and benefit humanity.

What this basically means for us is to coherently create a world of AI + HI. Technology by itself can only go to a certain extant, but it needs the human touch, human guidance and human emotion to correlate information and apply it based on the particular scenario.

In the above picture, see how everyone is happily interacting with Pepper(Softbank’s Robot), I think that’s where we’d like to see the world evolve, and not see AI as a threat.

Does AI get better and better and will it take away our jobs? Almost all the answers in this category are: Not necessarily, but the reality is AI will also open up new jobs for us to deeply engage with machines, virtual agents and BOTs. New capabilities would be require to train, coach and re-train these models, feed them with the right data sets and nurture them with the large sets of human behaviors. This learning loop doesn’t stop.

Conversational AI is an interesting topic in this space, The Age of Intent is a phenomenal Business AI book that talks about how companies can create joint partnerships with AI platforms and create strong business value for customer service.

One company founded by Andrew Ng that is creating an impact in the Enterprise world is, Landing AI , providing an incredible framework for enterprises to begin their AI journey.

The mission statement on their website is as follows:

Empowering companies to jumpstart AI and realize practical value

They guide companies to start small with a Pilot AI project, and slowly spread the word, once you see success then invest in building a broad-base AI training program on the enablement side while investing and engineering the core platform engine.

Net net, the Business AI mantra is: Nail it first, then scale it!


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