Gearing up: 2019 Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year where everyone’s starting to look for deals…

Retailers have started to ship coupon codes, discounts, festive bonanza’s on a global basis. With Diwali, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Christmas seasons coming up, every person wants to shop, refresh and stock up.

Recent analysis from Salesforce and NRF shows a 15% YoY bump positioning this year’s sales to over $750B. Bit surprising while we see a slow down in economic growth, consumer spending has not slowed down.

U.S is clearly influencing international shopping habits from a lifestyle spending perspective. Global consumer behavior has always been the fueling engine for digital commerce growth.

Key behaviors and consumer point of sale’s:


Salesforce research shows 68% of shoppers paying closer attention to brand’s emails shopping during the holidays to leverage the discounts, promo-codes.


37% of Gen-Z confirmed its their biggest source of discovery and shopping inspiration.


Almost 75% of digital visits come from a mobile devices.

Retail Community Giveback

Now, from a warehouse staffing and fulfillment perspective: Even with trade uncertainty and the increasingly tight labor market, retailers have been hiring extra staff to meet expected demand during the holiday season. NRF expects retailers to hire between 530,000 and 590,000 temporary workers, which compares with 554,000 in 2018.

NRF expects seasonal hiring to grow at least 530,000

About NRF

The National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail trade association, passionately advocates for the people, brands, policies and ideas that help retail thrive. From its headquarters in Washington, D.C., NRF empowers the industry that powers the economy. Retail is the nation’s largest private-sector employer, contributing $2.6 trillion to annual GDP and supporting one in four U.S. jobs — 42 million working Americans. For over a century, NRF has been a voice for every retailer and every retail job, educating, inspiring and communicating the powerful impact retail has on local communities and global economies.


Oct 26, 2019, Fremont, CA
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